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May 5, 2021 Update

Middleville AYSO Family,

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has revised some gatherings and face mask orders in their May 6, 2021 Gatherings and Face Mask Order. Please read this email carefully and completely as this new order does still apply to us. Remember, these are not AYSO rules, our volunteers did not create them, were not consulted about them, and truly are volunteers. We do not get paid to administer this program. Your player's coaches do not get paid to be at the fields. Be kind, be respectful, follow the rules.

You may read through the entire MDHHS order here: May 6, 2021 Gatherings and Face Mask Order. Below we will point out the relevant sections that affect our program. With soccer being categorized as a contact sport, we all must follow all orders regarding contact sports if we want to continue to play. Once consequence of players and coaches not following the rules is our removal from AYSO Interplay with other regions.

  • All participants must remain masked
    • Our coaches and players must wear a mask while on their field. For players aged 2-4 a "good faith effort is made to ensure that children aged 2 to 4 years wear a mask when participating." Every participant aged 5 and over must wear a mask.
  • Participants need to maintain 6 feet of distance during practice and games when not engaged in play.
  • Players in our 14U division must continue to participate in the weekly rapid COVID testing program.
  • New Exception to mask requirement; Spectators at a practice or game with fewer than 100 people are not required to wear a mask.
    • AYSO is strongly encouraging everyone over the age of 2 to wear a mask while at the fields, regardless of their vaccination status.
    • We are encouraging all spectators to remain 6 feet away from other spectators.


All players and coaches are still required to fill out the Daily Monitoring Form and check in at the station before heading to their field.

If you have questions please get in touch with us. We will see you out there!

3/25/2021 Spring Update

COVID-19 Safety Plan

We wanted to outline what measures Middleville AYSO is taking to ensure your child’s safety during the spring season. The pandemic is still a public health threat and we are doing our best to adapt. Safety is – and always will be – our #1 priority. This email should answer many of the questions you may have at this point, but if you still wish for more detail or if new questions arise, please contact us.

AYSO regions across West Michigan have collaborated on this COVID-19 safety plan based on guidelines from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS), the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and local school districts. Accordingly, here are the key safety protocols we will employ during this upcoming Spring 2021 season:

  • When not engaged in play, coaches and players must stay at least six feet apart from each other
  • Per MDHHS guidelines, coaches and players age 5 and over must wear a face mask at all times in practice and competition
    • There will be no exceptions granted to wearing face masks
    • Masks may be removed during a drink break, but participants must remain at least six feet apart from others
    • Read more about MDHHS guidance for contact sports and Athletics Testing Guidance (Weekly testing is required for individuals ages 13-19 who participate in athletics. This is brand new and developing. More information will follow as it becomes available.)
  • Per MHSAA guidelines, face coverings will be required for parents and spectators aged 5 and over as well
  • Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth, must be well-fitting and stay in place when in motion
  • Face shields, face coverings with vents and masks made from loosely woven fabrics are not permissible
  • A limit of 300 people per field section is in place.
    • During practice times for 8U and up we ask that parents return to their vehicles after checking their player in and making sure they reach their practice field.
    • Games will be scheduled to allow many spectators. We will not place a per player spectator limit to start the spring. We will be counting people during the first set of games to ensure we are remaining below the 300 person limit.
    • A per player spectator limit will be enforced if it becomes necessary.
  • Prior to arrival and after practices, wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Wash or sanitize hands before/after touching eyes, nose, mouth or after touching or removing your mask
  • No pre/post greetings (high 5s, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.)
  • Each player brings their own ball and coach is the only one to touch equipment like cones
  • Parents: test your child’s temperature before departing for practice, and if above 100.4˚F, do not attend!
  • Referees/ARs: strongly encouraged but not required to wear masks (in line with MHSAA guidelines)
  • Healthy participants only! Players, coaches and spectators are required to stay home if not feeling well
  • Notify your coach if your child has a documented case of COVID-19, becomes sick with COVID-19 symptoms, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19
    • If necessary, our COVID-19 point person will share requirements for quarantine, and participants must be symptom-free and removed from quarantine before returning to team activities

Daily Symptom Form and Player/Volunteer Check-in
Players, Coaches, Referees, & Other Volunteers are required to fill out the Daily Monitoring Form on the same day they will be at the fields. Every participant is required to check-in upon arrival at the fields every day. 

Daily Symptom Form: or

To help smooth the check-in process we can scan the QR code that was emailed to you when you completed the form. Our scanner is unable to read the QR code if it is on a black background. Phones in 'dark mode' do not display the QR code correctly for scanning. We will be asking for volunteers to staff the check-in station. More details will be sent as we get closer to April 12.


We can’t completely eliminate the risk of infection, so we must all do our best to limit the spread of the virus.

Please read the AYSO Return to Play Guidelines for our Covid-19 Quarantine Protocol and Determining Return to Play for anyone that has been exposed.

Click each image for a larger view, or download the AYSO Return to Play Guidelines pdf.

AYSO Covid-19 Testing Protocol

Parents and Guardians of 14U Players,

Middleville AYSO is required to COVID test all spring athletes starting on Sunday, April 11th per the MDHHS requirements in conjunction with the MHSAA Guidance on 3/24/21. This order includes non-school sanctioned sports that fall into the category of recreational and club leagues. All players in the AYSO 14U Division will be tested. Middleville AYSO is working together in conjunction with TK Schools to make sure that this process is done as completely and efficiently as possible.

Before any testing can take place, the participant and their parent/guardian need to complete the two forms attached to this email. Please bring these on the day of the test.
1) Consent and Registration Form for Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
2) Participant Code of Conduct

Testing is REQUIRED to participate in our spring session. The purpose of testing on Sunday evening is to mitigate the possibility of contact tracing within the school district due to the fact that everyone will be on spring break the week prior. The testing is a very streamlined process and we are hopeful for success. Please arrive on time, and only at the time listed below.

Important Notes: Per the MDHSS, athletes who have recovered from confirmed COVID-19 in the past three months and remain symptom-free may participate in athletics without testing if they can provide a letter from their doctor attesting that they fall into this category (the individual must have had a positive diagnostic test within three months. An antibody test is not sufficient).

Also, if you are a middle school athlete and have already been contacted by the school to participate in testing, you are to follow the instructions sent from the TK Athletic Department. You do NOT need to be tested twice. Please contact Regional Commissioner Mike Cramer, [email protected], 616-723-1873, with information regarding this scenario if it applies.

Testing Location: TK Middle School Cafeteria
Testing Dates: April 25, May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23
Testing Time: 4:00 - 5:30 PM
If you are absolutely unable to make these times you must obtain your own rapid test. One location to do this is Spectrum Health Pennock.

What to expect for the testing process: The TK Athletic Department created a video on the COVID Testing Procedure. We will mirror this process at the Middle School Cafeteria: Testing Process Video

  1. Arrival: Park in the main Middle School lot. Enter through the main door and head to the cafeteria where you may wait in a socially distanced line briefly. Masks must be worn.
  2. Check In Station: Participants will check in at a table inside the cafeteria with a volunteer. Participant will turn in the Consent form and Participant Code of Conduct form. Attendance will be taken and the athlete will give the volunteer an active cell phone number that they will have in the waiting car. The participant will receive their test sheet.
  3. Nose Swab Handout: A volunteer will hand the participant a nose swab and direct them to the final station.
  4. Testing Table: Participant will hand in the test sheet to volunteer and they will be instructed to swab their nose. The participant will swab their nose and hand the swab to the volunteer. They will be given a card with a time posted for 15 minutes from the test that they can drive home from the parking lot.
  5. Exit to Parking Lot and Wait: Participant will return to their vehicle in the parking lot and remain in their car until the time listed on the card. If we need to retest due to an invalid test or if we need to notify of a possibly positive test, we will call the cell phone from the cafeteria phone.

Volunteers Needed
We are in need of five parent volunteers to staff the testing stations. In order to minimize any possible further exposure than necessary we would prefer to have 14U Division parents volunteer. Through the partnership with TK Schools they are providing the testing equipment and facilities, but we must supply the staffing. Please contact me if you are willing to volunteer for this vital role.

On behalf of the Middleville AYSO Board thank you for your support,

Mike Cramer
Regional Commissioner
Middleville AYSO
[email protected]

AYSO Daily Monitoring Form

All AYSO participants; players, coaches, referees, other volunteers, that utilize the Middleville AYSO fields must follow the Middleville AYSO Covid-19 Daily Monitoring procedure. This includes any participants from interplay regions. Only healthy participants may visit our fields. Players, coaches and spectators are required to stay home if not feeling well.

Every person at the Middleville AYSO fields must comply with our COVID-19 Safety Plan. This plan is detailed on our Return to Play 2021 Page at These safety policies include, but are not limited to; face coverings, spectator limits, testing requirements, etc.

In order to have proper records of when participants were at our fields we have created the Daily Monitoring Form and have a Check-In Station that every participant must visit before proceeding to their assigned field every time they arrive.

  1. Before departing for Middleville AYSO all participants must check their temperature.
    1. If above 100.4˚F, do not attend.
  2. Fill out Covid-19 Daily Monitoring Form
  3. Check your email for new QR code
  4. Visit Check-in Station located in the gravel parking lot before proceeding to fields
  5. Show QR code at Check-in Station
  6. Have participant's hand marked

All submitted forms expire overnight every day. The form must be filled out the same day you are arriving at the fields. A form time stamped on Friday will not be accepted on Saturday.

To help smooth the check-in process we can scan the QR code that was emailed to you when you completed the form. Our scanner is unable to read the QR code if it is on a black background. Phones in 'dark mode' do not display the QR code correctly for scanning.

Thank you for your patience and compliance,
Middleville AYSO

We want to thank everyone that is a part of Middleville AYSO for trusting us to have the best program possible for these players.

Please remember, our coaching staff and board members are all VOLUNTEERS. None of these volunteers have made the rules we are required to follow, or are getting paid to put this program on for your players.

We are here because we believe that soccer provides more value to the kids than just keeping them busy or learning a sport. We are here to encourage a love for the game and to develop kids into great athletes. We are not here to debate the current policy, or mask effectiveness, or politics, or whether or not the virus is real, etc. We are out here for the kids, let's keep it that way please.  

If you have registered your child and have reservations about moving forward with practices, please contact your coach. If you feel the fall season isn't right for your family, contact [email protected] and we can talk about it. 

Again, we are grateful for this opportunity to safely get outside with your kids and put on a fall soccer program. This only works as long as the guidelines are followed, so please work with us so we may continue to keep the program going. Thanks again for sharing your kids and your time with us. Together we can make it time well spent. 

Thank you everyone,
Mike Cramer
Regional Commissioner
Middleville AYSO Area 8JB, Region #277

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