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Volunteer Information

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. The coaches who guide teams through practices and during games, the referees who tirelessly officiate games going from one field to the next, the board members who organize the region’s events all the way from planning registrations to setting the schedule and making sure game days run smoothly, are all volunteers. Nobody gets paid one dime to participate in AYSO. Nationwide, more than 220,000 parents, relatives and friends sacrifice their time and effort to make sure that all of the children receive a great AYSO experience.

Because of this volunteer foundation, AYSO ensures that the costs are as low as possible.

AYSO has developed special job-specific training that helps volunteers who may have little to no soccer experience familiarize themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective coaches and referees, as well as offering unique administrative and management training.

All this ensures that each program abides by AYSO’s Six Philosophies, offers a great AYSO experience and continues to grow and offer AYSO to more children.

It only takes a few hours to become a qualified introductory-level coach or referee. If you are willing to commit to even more time, there are many small but important jobs you can help with. Even a few hours here or there can make a big difference not only to your team but to the entire region.

Next Step

.Thank you for volunteering! It is a fun and rewarding experience! There are also some steps to take before that happens.

AYSO Volunteer Application Form in Blue Sombrero
Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO must complete an AYSO Volunteer Application Form in Blue Sombrero each year and submit an e-signed copy to the region. Click Here for Instructions on Signing Up in Blue Sombrero

Complete Background Check with Sterling Volunteers/Verified Volunteers
Every volunteer must complete and pass a criminal background check with Sterling Volunteers/Verified Volunteers. All requested information must be provided by the applicant. Criminal background checks ensure the safety of our children. After you complete your Volunteer Application you will receive an email from Verified Volunteers with instructions for completing your background check. Click Here to view a information regarding Sterling Volunteers/Verified Volunteers.
AYSO’s Background Check Policy

Complete AYSO's Save Haven Course
Complete AYSO's Safe Haven course by visiting Safe Haven is a training session that focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children. For more information about Safe Haven, click here. (You will log into the AYSOU training site with your same username and password as your Blue Sombrero account). Click Here for instructions on finding courses on AYSOU

CDC Concussion Awareness
All on field volunteers must complete the CDC Concussion Awareness course on AYSOU.

AYSO’s Summary of the Laws of the Game
Found on AYSOU this course is required for all Referee Volunteers. It is highly recommended for all Coach Volunteers.

Referee Volunteers
Each Referee is required to attend a live in person training session with one of our Referee Trainers. Before every season we hold referee training for all of our new referees. Click Here for instructions on registering for Referee Training Camp.

Coach Volunteers
All Coaches, including Assistant Coaches, must be age appropriately certified. Refer to the chart below to verify which training courses you need to complete in order to coach in each division.
Find AYSOU Online Courses
Register for Coach Training Camp

DivisionRequired CourseFormatPrerequisites
4U Playground Playground and Schoolyard Soccer Program LeaderOnline Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
5U SchoolyardPlayground and Schoolyard Soccer Program LeaderOnline Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
6U6U Coaching TrainingOnline and/or In Person Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
8U8U Coaching TrainingOnline and/or In Person Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
10U10U Coaching TrainingOnline and/or In Person Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
12U12U Coaching Training Pre Course & Field SessionCombined Online & In Person Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness
14UIntermediate Coach Pre-Course & Field SessionCombined Online & In Person Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, 12U Coach

Youth Referee

Youth referees need to follow very specific and detailed instructions to volunteer.

Visit Becoming a Referee for instructions.

Volunteer Links

AYSO's Online Learning Resources
Take Safe Haven and
CDC Concussion training

How does AYSO protect its volunteers and athletes?

Safe Haven™ is a program designed to address a growing need for child and volunteer protection. There are four elements in the Safe Haven™ intervention cycle: Create Policies, Screen Volunteers, Train Volunteers, and Promote Education and Awareness. These are intended to stop child abuse and its agents before they get into the program.  In AYSO, children play in a friendly and safe environment.

The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 
This law grants immunity from certain types of prosecution for volunteers who meet its requirements. In order to receive full protection under the law, AYSO volunteers need must: 1. be properly trained and certified; 2. be performing duties as laid out in a position description; 3. act within the scope of AYSO's Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

Thank you for volunteering for Middleville AYSO Region 277.  Feel free to contact our Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate with any questions or assistance you may need.

  1. Kids are No. 1.
  2. Fun, not winning is everything.
  3. Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach.
  4. No yelling in anger.
  5. Respect the volunteer referees.
  6. No swearing or abusive behavior.
  7. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  8. No weapons.
  9. Leave no trash behind.
  10. Set a proper example of sportsmanship.

Signing Up in Blue Sombrero

In order to be an AYSO Volunteer you need to complete your volunteer application in Blue Sombrero.

Log in to the blue sombrero site account you created when you registered your player.

Go to your Account page.

You will see your account page like below, however it should have your players information on it as well.

Click the Volunteer button on the left

Now click the green Find Volunteer Roles button on the right

This will now show you the Available Positions for where you player is registered

Click the Sign Up button next to your desired position, then Continue.
Select yourself on the next page

You will then need to complete more information about yourself for the background check. Please make sure you eSign all forms.
If you have trouble or encounter an error please contact us.

Pending Volunteer Status

Does your My Volunteer Roles shows that you are Pending?
If so it may be due to you not having a completed E-Signature or an incomplete background check.

To check if you have completed your E-Signature click on the Details button, verify that all of the information is correct, then continue at the bottom of the page. If you need to complete your E-Signature there will be a button to e-sign form.

If you have not completed your background check with Verified Volunteers please click the link the email that was sent to you after you completed your E-Signature. There is more information regarding Verified Volunteers below.

New Volunteer Background Check Procedure

AYSO  has implemented a new more comprehensive background check policy for the 2019/2020 season.
After a volunteer applies via the website they will be sent a link to complete the background check at Verified Volunteers.

The email will arrive from [email protected] and contain the following paragraph;
"Thank you for signing up to volunteer with American Youth Soccer Organization. In order to complete that process and become an official registered volunteer, we need you to complete a quick background check.
AYSO has chosen Verified Volunteers to manage this process. Select the link below or copy & paste it into your browser. (Please complete within 72 hours.)"

If you have any questions at all please reach out to Middleville AYSO.

Finding Courses on AYSOU

Follow these steps to locate online courses on AYSOU

Go to: and click Login 

Log in using your Blue Sombrero username and password.

Click Online Courses

Here you will find all online courses

Click the Open button next to a course to launch that course

Coach/Referee Training Camp

Every new Referee is required to attend an in person training session. Some coaches are required, all coaches are encouraged to attend an in person training session.

Training Camp, "Super Camp" for the 2019/2020 season will be held on Saturday, August 3rd. Camp is h
osted at the Kroc Center in Grand Rapids, 2500 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 Check in is from 8:15 AM - 9 AM and classes are from 9 AM - 4 PM (Lunch Provided).

There is a field portion of this training so please bring a soccer ball, tennis shoes, and wear clothing for working out.

Referee Courses being offeredBasic (Regional) Referee, Intermediate Referee, Advanced Referee
Coach Courses offered; 6U - 12U Coach, Intermediate Coach (14U), Advanced Coach

Volunteers MUST PREREGISTER online at for these courses, and meet the necessary prerequisites for some courses. If there are not enough volunteers registered for a course; the course may be cancelled.

How to find Super Camp on AYSOU
Go to and login using your Blue Sombrero username and password

Click 'In Person Training'

Click Open next to either Coach Instructor Led Courses or Referee Instructor Led Courses depending on which course you are looking to join.

Find the course you are looking to attend and click the 'Sessions' button next to it

Find the course that has the name of the course you selected followed by Area 8J Super Camp - 8/J/

Click the 'Plus' icon to expand the course for more information. Click the 'Register' button to register for the course

There is a cost to attending Training Camp, but it is covered by Middleville AYSO.

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